Jets Coach Rex Ryan Crashes Car After Running Red Light in Eastern Pennsylvania

January 24, 2013

As a Philadelphia accident lawyer, I was interested to see that New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was involved in a crash here in eastern Pennsylvania. According to Lehigh Valley Live, Ryan ran a red light during evening rush hour, pushing a second car into a third car. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. The sports blog Deadspin, which was the first to report the story, said the tip it got claimed Ryan was speeding when he ran the light, but Ryan denied this and local police said the damage was not consistent with speeding. Ryan and the other drivers involved all stopped their cars, and police said the vehicles sustained only moderate damage. The New York Post later reported that Ryan got a warning from police.

The Bethlehem police department confirmed that Ryan was heading west on West 3rd Street Jan. 14 at around 6:15 p.m. Ryan allegedly went through the red light at Wyandotte Street, hitting another driver who had the right-of-way. That driver told police that the impact from that crash sent his car into a third driver who was making a turn. Police withheld the names of the other two drivers, but all three were stopped by the side of the road and cooperated with police. One witness reported seeing Ryan's red Mustang pass through the red light; police say Ryan did not deny that he ran it, although he did deny speeding. Their investigation was still open as of Jan. 22 because they were waiting to hear from another witness. A police source told Deadspin that the intersection is at a blind hill.

Indeed, if the accident had not involved an NFL coach whose team is famous for rude behavior, the crash would probably not have made national news. There's a discrepancy between Deadspin's tipster's report that Ryan was speeding, and the Bethlehem police's contention that he was not. But as a Philadelphia injury lawyer, I know it doesn't matter in a way--regardless of whether Ryan was speeding, he's legally at fault for the crash because he violated a traffic signal. The articles say he wasn't ticketed for the crash, but someone in his situation might very well be--and in fact, that driver could face more serious criminal and civil penalties if someone had been hurt. That includes a car crash lawsuit, which could be filed by one of the other drivers to recover compensation for injuries and property damage caused by the crash. Speeding would make it harder to defend such a case, but running the red light is enough to put Ryan at fault.

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