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Why One May Seeks Legal Representation After a Car Accident:

When a car crash occurs involving three or more vehicles, it can set off a chain of events where proving liability can become a mammoth of a puzzle. As has been true this winter season, when weather conditions become hostile, extra caution such as leaving more driving distance between cars, not driving while distracted, and decreasing driving speeds, are all tools needed to help prevent car accidents. After being involved in a car accident it can be difficult to determine if you should enlist the services of a personal injury attorney. To complicate matters there is a time limit of 2 years from the date of injury where one is able to bring a personal injury claim, in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The 2-year time allotment to file a lawsuit is known as a statue of limitation, and claims are dismissed, or unable to proceed if the 2 years has already passed. Therefore, in order to have a greater chance at a successful claim, preservation of all necessary evidence is required if the case should go to trial. There are over 6 million car accidents that occur every year in the United States, at an alarming rate of 18,000 car accidents occurring daily, with roughly 40,000 fatalities annually. Chances are at some point in your life you will either directly be involved in a car accident, or a loved one’s life will be greatly impacted by a car accident.

A highly experienced personal injury trial attorney knows how best to represent and preserve your legal interests. Usually, when a multi-vehicle or chain reaction car crash takes place, one or more parties were at fault. The theory behind determining fault can be established by a multitude of resources, some of which the injured party can attain, such as medical records, police reports, witness statements, as well as documented images from the scene of the crash. Proving who is at fault relies on negligence, meaning that the injured party must establish that the other driver failed to act in a reasonable manner when operating their vehicle. Furthermore, the driver’s reckless, negligent, or careless actions while driving directly caused the party’s injuries. The burden of establishing negligence is on the party that brings the lawsuit, the injured party.

A driver’s license is a contract of sorts, by attaining it you are legally allowed to operate a 3,000 pound motor vehicle and accordingly, you are also agreeing to abide by the rules of the road and to not drive in a manner that endangers the lives of other motorists. When a driver fails to uphold their legal duty, car accidents can occur. The injuries associates with a car accident can be grave, from broken bones, torn ligaments, deep lacerations, soft tissue damage, and loss of limb, traumatic brain injury, and even loss of life. Distracted driving, driving under the influence, excessive speeding, failure to yield, dangerously changing lanes, running a stop sign, and failing to signal, are some instances where a driver can be held liable for their negligent driving actions, if these actions cause another party to be injured. By seeking compensation or money damages for the medical expenses, lost wages, and the injury itself, personal injury attorneys attempt to make their clients whole, as if they had not been involved in a serious accident, and further help to deter other motorists from driving in a dangerous manner, thus making driving a little safer.

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